COVID-19 Update


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you, your team and your family are healthy and safe. At this time, as public health regulations permit, we are available to conduct business in-person again, as well as remotely via email, video and telephone conferencing. Our staff are 100% fully-vaccinated and committed to following all public health guidelines. We believe in supporting our clients and community.

Communicating with your customers

  • Website announcements/updates: Customers usually turn to your website first for information about your business. If your operations are being impacted by COVID-19 or you have re-opened, we can assist you with posting important announcements and updates on your website. During this constantly changing situation, ensuring clear communication can help you grow and maintain a strong relationship with your customers. If they feel valued and connected with your business during difficult times, they are more likely to buy your products and services (and to recommend referrals) both now and in the future.
  • Google My Business: If your business listing is set up and claimed with Google My Business, you can post updates to your listing. Examples are adjusting your temporary business hours or posting timely messages. If you haven’t claimed your business listing or need assistance with this product, Clear Image offers a Google My Business set up and optimization service.
  • Email lists: Email marketing can be extremely valuable for businesses as an advertising channel; but it can also be incredibly useful for keeping your customers informed when your business is impacted by extraordinary circumstances. If you have an email subscriber list already, send an update to your clients to keep them informed. If you don’t have one, we can get you set up now and for the future.


  • Google Ads: Search advertising is “pay-per-click”, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website after searching for your services/products. Your advertising budget will only be spent if there is demand from potential customers. Even if your business is temporarily closed or operating in a reduced manner, potential customers may still be using this time to research your business to make a future buying decision. Advertising now will best position your business to rebound quickly as life returns to normal. That said, we are constantly monitoring our client’s campaigns and if we feel adjustments to budget or strategy need to be made, we’ll let you know right away. And we will continue to manage campaigns to be as efficient as possible.


  • As your business pivots or as consumer demands evolve, you may find you have changing priorities. There may be projects we can work on together now that will help you grow your business for the future. We are available at this time to discuss your business branding, marketing and growth strategy. Using this time effectively now can help you and your business rebound quickly and find success in the months to come.

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Your success means our success and we are committed to working with our clients and partners to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of your business. Stay well.