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Why Your Business Website Needs To Be Responsive

Your business has a website. You think it looks good. So why should you consider building a new one?

Well, for a moment, let’s assume that your current website is accurate (correct information and products are listed), looks good (current branding and colours/styles match your company profile) and loads fast. (If that’s not the case, you should move quickly to correct.)

But, how well does it work on your phone?

Many sites on the web were designed to look good on computers. However, in 2014, something incredible happened: More people accessed the internet on mobile devices than on computers. And the trend is only increasing. People are searching for products, services and businesses on their smartphones and tablets both at home and on-the-go.

If your website wasn’t built to be “responsive”, then your business (and your customers) would definitely benefit from a new website designed to work well on all devices.

The phone on the left contains an old website where the user has to zoom in to read the text or navigate the site. The phone on the right shows the same website, but with a responsive design. The elements on the page automatically resize and the layout is adjusted so that content is easy to view and the site is easy to navigate.

But what is a responsive website and why is everyone (including Google) talking about it?

The short answer: A responsive website is one that looks great and works best on every device.

So if a customer comes to you website from a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop – they get the same great experience on your website. Today, this is really important as it can help you attract more customers.

On top of that, Google has openly stated that it will give a higher search result ranking to responsive and mobile-friendly websites over others that are not. So having a responsive website is another way that you can be ahead of your competition.

Learn more about responsive web design here. Or take Google’s “Mobile-Friendly Test” here to see how your current website stacks up.

Clear Image specializes in creating responsive websites for businesses. Let us help you showcase your business to your consumers – on every device.

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